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Cinema has become an increasingly transmedial experience involving different sensory forms of expression and the need to understand how different media interact, on both cognitive, affective levels, has never been greater. The pioneering filmmaker and film theorist Sergei Eisenstein’s work explored this transmediality as early as the 1920s. This symposium, hosted by UNSW and the Cinematic Thinking Network, brings together a group of eminent scholars of international standing whose interest and/or expertise lies in either directly exploring the issue of transmediality in Eisenstein’s thought, especially in its East Asian influences, or considering its legacy in subsequent film-philosophical debates.



Joan Neuberger, Department of History, University of Texas at Austin; Julia Vassilieva, Film and Screen Studies, Monash University; Helen Grace, Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney/ Cultural and Religious Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Lisa Trahair, Film Studies, University of New South Wales


Saturday March 21st, 2020, 2-5pm


Room 327, School of the Arts & Media, Level 3, Robert Webster Building G14, University of New South Wales, 15-17 High St, Kensington

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