Mathew Abbott | University of Canberra
research interests: film as philosophy; cinema and modernity; cinema and scepticism

Jesús Alcolea-Banegas | Universitat de València, Spain
research interests: philosophy of film, film as philosophy, visual arguments

Vanessa Alexander | University of New South Wales
research interests: comedy; rom-com; comedy of remarriage; Stanley Cavell

Saumya Baijal 
research interests: impact of Indian society on cinema and vice-versa; usage of cinema as a change inducing medium; censorship and cinema

Keith Beattie | Deakin University
research interests: theories of the documentary image; documentary film aesthetics; documentary cinema and transnationalism

Julio Bezerra | Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
research interests: phenomenology, ontology, automatism, speculative sealism

Gabriella Blasi | University of Queensland
research interests: film-philosophy, figural film theory, images of time in films

Nadine Boljkovac | University of New South Wales
research interestscinematic temporality & ethics; subjectivity, affect & violence, including film and feminist (auto-)portraiture; film and contemporary continental philosophy; ‘trauma’ & memory studies; film and disability studies

Daniel Brennan | Bond University
research interests: cinematic depictions of moral actions and phenomenological accounts of moral actions in cinema

Diane Busuttil | Macquarie University
research interests: cinematic subjectivity, authorship, first person image, free indirect discourse – em-signi, vertical narrative, first person narration, camera movement as signifier

Matthew Campora | Australian Film Television and Radio School/University of Queensland

Daniel Cape | University of Sydney
research interests: theories of the image; theories of animation; rotoscoping and motion capture, intermedia

Megan Carrigy | New York University, Sydney
research interests: film theory (especially debates about referentiality in contemporary film theory); re-enactment; cinematic time; early cinema

Mark Cauchi | York University, Toronto
research interests: film-philosophy; continental philosophy of religion and film; film and secularism; film and ethics; Bazin; Cavell

Alan Cholodenko | Department of Art History and Film Studies, University of Sydney
research interests: ‘poststructuralist’ and ‘postmodernist’ approaches to film and animation

Kiu-Wai Chu | University of Western Sydney
research interests: film theory and philosophy, ecocriticism and environmental humanities, film aesthetics, Asian cinema, world cinema

Hugo Clémot | Philosophy, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
research interests: philosophy of film; analytical philosophy of film; Cavellian approaches to film; film-philosophy; teaching philosophy through film

Felicity Colman | Screen Media, Manchester Metropolitan University
research interests: film philosophy related to the image, art, experimental, independent, indigenous, militarism, documentary and feminist work

Angie Contini | University of Sydney
research interests: film theory, continental philosophy, film art, music, existential aesthetics

Adam Cottrel | Georgia State University
research interests: continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, global art cinema, aesthetics, endurance, politics of the moving image

Damian Cox | Bond University
research interests: cinematic modes of philosophical argument; film and ethics

Lisa Coultard | Film Studies, University of British Columbia
research interests: film philosophy, psychoanalysis and film, ethics and the image

Patrick Crogan | University of West England, Bristol
research interests: film and philosophy, philosophy of technology, Bernard Stiegler, videogames, animation

Adam Daniel | Western Sydney University
research interests: Deleuzian theory, embodiment theory, affect, virtual reality, new media technologies

Timothy Deane-Freeman | Deakin University
research interests: film as philosophy; Deleuze and cinema; the anthropocene; metaphysics of time

Paul Deb | University of East Anglia
research interests: philosophy of film; film as philosophy; Cavell; Indian cinema

Matthew Del Nevo | Catholic Institute of Sydney
research interests: philosophy; aesthetics; Lacanian psychoanalysis

Jean-Phillipe Deranty | Philosophy, Macquarie University
research interests: the film image as mental image; film image and general aesthetics of the image (Hegel in particular); film and phenomenology

Gaby Dixon | University of New South Wales

Greg Dolgopolov | Film Studies, University of New South Wales
research interests:
the digital transformation of mise-en-scène; Bataille and cinema; complexity and cohesion in complex narratives; multiculturalism; film festivals; critical theory

Lisabeth During | Pratt Institute
research interestscinematic realism; film and literature; the ascetic avant-garde; spirituality in film

Laura D’Olimpio | Philosophy and Theology, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle
research interests: technology and mass art; aesthetics and ethics; Adorno, Benjamin and the Frankfurt School; ‘affect’; education and film as a moral medium

Russell Edwards
research interests: romantic comedy, korean film

Chris Falzon | The University of Newcastle
research interests: film as philosophy

Louise Fanning | School of Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney
research interests: cinematic costume; psychoanalysis; analytical psychology; censorship and cinema

Gregg Flaxman | English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

David H. Fleming | University of Stirling, Scotland
research interests: film and ethics, film-form and thought-thinking, ontology and affect, Deleuze and cinema, film and philosophy, philosophy of technology, film and politics, film and time-life

Hamish Ford | Film Media and Cultural Studies, University of Newcastle
research interests: film and continental philosophy (especially Frankfurt School, phenomenology, Deleuze); film modernism (especially post-war); cinematic time; politics and film; world cinema; postcolonial film theory

Helen GraceGender and Culture Studies, University of Sydney

Dirk Gibb | University of Newcastle
research interests: the 1920s; 20th century Australian, British and United States history; popular culture; modernism; film and tv studies

Daphne Giofkou | University of Glasgow
research interests: Kierkegaard, Deleuze, Bergson, affect, time, Modern Greek cinema.

Helen Goritsas | Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney
research interests: film theory; authorship; film as art; aesthetics and ethics; collaboration in screen craft; bridging the academy and industry

Simon Gray | University of Sydney
research interests: Bergson and Deleuze on film; Cavell on film; film-philosophy; the politics of fabulation

John Grech | University of Malta

Asbjørn Grønstad | University of Bergen
research interests: cinema and ethics; film and affect; haptics; film theory and film philosophy; transaesthetic theory

Christopher Grau | Clemson University
research interests: philosophy of film; film as philosophy; ethical relevance of film

Greg Hainge | University of Queensland
research interests: French cinema; cinema of the extreme; phenomenology of film spectatorship; Deleuze, analogue digital divide; David Lynch

Nicholas Hannan | University of Sydney

Bernd Herzogenrath | Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main/Germany
research interests: film-philosophy; Gilles Deleuze; film and cognitive sciences; film and psychoanalysis

David Hickling | Macquarie University
research interests: European philosophy

Seung-hoon Jeong | NYU Abu Dhabi
research interests: film theory and philosophy, media studies and art, politics and ethics, interface theory, global cinema

Chelsea Johnson | College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
research interests: film aesthetics; allegorical cinema; Spanish cinema; interactive media

Laurie Johnson | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
research interests: film aesthetics, psychoanalysis and film, Werner Herzog, philosophy and film

Kathleen Kelley | The New School for Social Research
research interests: Cavellian approaches to film, cinematic realism, automatism, modernism, film and literature

Olivia Khoo | Monash University
research interests: film theory, film and ethics, film and technology, digital media and Asian cinema

Robert Klenner | Australian Film Television and Radio School
research interests: film

Jihoon Kim | Department of Film Studies, Chung-ang University (Seoul, South Korea)
research interests: film theory (particularly Deleuzian philosophy, phenomenology, new media theories, and theories of Jacques Rancière, Bernard Stiegler, Giorgio Agamben), experimental film and video, expanded cinema, digital arts and cinema, and post-cinematic screen culture

Angelos Koutsourakis | Centre for Modernism Studies, University of New South Wales
research interests: European cinema, politics and representation, film and the Frankfurt School, film theory

Fryderyk Kwiatkowski | University of Groningen, Jagiellonian University
research interests: visual semiotics, film and philosophy, film and religion, self-reflexivity, metalepsis, metafiction, deception, narrative complexity

Marguerite La Caze | Philosophy, HPRC, University of Queensland
research interests: deconstruction and film, philosophy in film, psychoanalysis and film

Samantha Lang | Australian Film Television and Radio School
research interests: narrative theory; film history; feminist film theory

Michael Levine | Philosophy, The University of Western Australia
research interests: philosophy and film

Alex Ling | Communication and Media Studies, University of Western Sydney

David Macarthur | Philosophy, The University of Sydney
research interests: film as art, film and skepticism, Wittgenstein’s Aesthetics, Cavell on Film

Paul Macovaz | Art History and Film Studies, University of Sydney
research interests: proto/early film theory, image studies, music theory and cinema

Russell Manning | Monash University
research interests: the intersection of film, film theory, film-philosophy and the work of Jean Baudrillard

Adrian Martin | Film and Television Studies, Monash University
research interests: Filmosophy; Theories of audio-vision; cinema within the philosophical discussion of modernity; style and affect; international histories of film theory and criticism; the place of film within various philosophical systems and models (Bergson, Munier, Deleuze, Nancy, Rancière, Flusser, Kittler, Adorno, Kracaeur, etc)

Philip Martin | Macquarie University
research interests: film-philosophy; animation and philosophy; the Kyoto school; aesthetics

Tom Martin | Rhodes University, South Africa
research interests: Film and Existentialism, Film and Race, Film and the Holocaust

David Martin-Jones | University of Glasgow
research interests: Gilles Deleuze and Cinema, Enrique Dussel and ethics for film, film-philosophy and world cinemas

Sharon Mee | University of New South Wales
research interests: Lyotard and Deleuze; film aesthetics; film and the body; film and philosophy; horror cinema

Jane Mills | School of the Arts and Media, University of New South Wales
research interests: transnational cinema; transcultural cinema; First Nation Cinema; Australian Cinema; cosmopolitanism & cinema

Lorraine Mortimer | University of Sydney (Anthropology)
research interests: all film, ethnographic film, Russian/Eastern European film thought

John Mullarkey | Film and Television Studies, Kingston University
research interests: film and philosophy; visual learning; Bergson and Deleuze; animals and/in/as cinema/cinema as animal thought

Andrew Murphie | Media Studies, University of New South Wales
research interests: theories of film; Deleuze and poststructuralism and film; digital media and film; romantic comedy

Ted Nannicelli | University of Queensland
research interests: philosophy and aesthetics of film and television; cognitive media theory

Jakob Nilsson | Cinema Studies, Stockholm University
research interests: Deleuze, film as theory, essayistic film, aesthetics, third cinema, history of film theory

Julia O’Connor | Conservation Solutions
research interests: film and costume

Reto Oechslin | Bureau des Questions
research interests: postdialecticisms

Lucio Oriana | University of New South Wales
research interests: international law and international relations and film

Rafael Garcia Pavon | Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte
research interests: film as philosophy, ethics and film, temporality on film and philosophy, cinematic thinking, philosophy of time and film, Deleuze studies, Kierkegaard philosophy related to film

Karen Pearlman | Macquarie University
research interests: screen production processes and practices; embodied expertise and extended mind in creative practices; editing, rhythm, movement and kinaesthetic empathy; cognitive studies of the moving image.

James Phillips | Philosophy, University of New South Wales
research interests: philosophy and film; time and realism

Mairead Phillips | University of Melbourne
research interests: theories of the image; Deleuze and cinema; psychoanalysis and film; Hitchcock scholarship

Patricia Pisters | Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam
research interests: film-philosophy, neuroaesthetics and cinema, politics of the image

Carl Plantinga | Film and Media Studies, Calvin College
research interests: film and philosophy; film and affect; the aesthetics of film; film, morality and ideology

Francesco Ragazzi | Leiden University, Institute of Political Science
research interests: computer vision in the field of security through digital and filmmaking methods

Tim Rainey 
research interests: community to/alternative media

Orna Raviv | Tel Aviv University
research interests: ethics, phenomenology of film, Cavell’s writing on cinema, Deleuze and cinema, Merleau-Ponty and ethics in the digital age

Bérénice Reynaud | California Institute of the Arts
research interests: theory of the image and politique des auteurs; Serge Daney; Bazin; Deleuze; cinema and psychoanalysis, especially combined with gender theory and queer theory; history, current achievements and theory of Chinese cinema (mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the diaspora); experimental cinema in its relationship to film language; intersection between theory of spectatorship and theory of curation; Spinoza.

Martin P. Rossouw | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NL
research interests: film as philosophy; meta-theoretical perspectives; transformational ethics of cinema

Toni Ross | University of New South Wales, Art and Design
research interests: post-structuralism and film and visual arts; aesthetics; photography; Jacques Rancière on theory, art and politics

Richard Rushton | Lancaster University (UK)
research interests: psychoanalysis and cinema; Deleuze and cinema; political philosophy and film

Anne Rutherford | University of Western Sydney
research interests: cinematic affect and embodiment; theories of montage; aesthetics

Philipp Schmerheim | University of Bremen
research interests: film philosophy; film as philosophy; philosophy of film; philosophical film analysis; intermediality and transmediality; Cavell; film and scepticism; film as art; digital film ontology

Kathleen Scott | University of St Andrews
research interests: phenomenology, cinematic affect, spectatorship ethics, feminist film theory, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-Luc Nancy

Rebecca A. Sheehan | California State University, Fullerton
research interests: avant-garde film and philosophy, sculpture and film, film and ethics

Robert Sinnerbrink | Philosophy, Macquarie University
research interests: film-philosophy; film aesthetics; critical theory; romanticism;
analytic and Continental approaches to film

Sumugan Sivanesan | College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales/School of Transforming Cultures, University of Technology
research interests: live cinema; affect and the cinematic body; postcolonial film and video; experimental documentary; film/video as performance art

Richard Smith | University of Sydney
research interests: gesture and screen; affect and action in cinema; history of theories of film realism;  film genre and modernist hollywood

James B. South | Marquette University
research interests: film as philosophy; psychoanalysis and film; philosophy and film; Cavellian approaches to film

Jane Stadler | University of Queensland
research interests: ethics; aesthetics; phenomenology

Phil Staines | University of New South Wales

Lisa Stefanoff | National Institute for Experimental Arts
research interests: Australian and global indigenous screens; theories of the image; painting and cinema; expanded cinema, immersive cinema, interactive cinema

Anthony Siu Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
research interests: psychoanalysis and cinema, queer theory and cinema, affects and cinema, Continental philosophy and art cinema (American and World cinemas)

Chris Sunami
research interests: philosophy as expressed through popular culture, including film; social change through cultural activism

Denise Thwaites | University of New South Wales and Université Paris 8, Vincennes – Saint-Denis
research interests: film and the philosophical imaginary, aesthetics of the moving-image, digital dramaturgy, Deleuze and Derrida.  

Ella Tian | University of New South Wales
research interests: cinema studies; film and culture

Lisa Trahair | Film Studies, University of New South Wales
research interests: Gilles Deleuze; cinematic comedy; cinema and psychoanalysis; French cinema; film aesthetics; early cinema; film and philosophy; theories of vision and the image

Earl Allyson P. Valdez | Ateneo de Manila University / Loyola School of Theology
research interests: film and religion; film and metaphysics; philosophical reflections on science fiction and fantasy; adaptation as translation

Julia Vassilieva | Monash University
research interests: film, philosophy and psychology; early twentieth century film theory; ontology of the moving image; new media

Hunter Vaughan | Oakland University
research interests: film form and metaphysical philosophy; ideology and film aesthetics; eco-criticism and the moving image

Victoria Grace Walden | Queen Mary, University of London
research interests: phenomenology, affect, embodiment and holocaust film

Rodney Wallis | University of New South Wales

Saige Walton | Screen Studies, University of South Australia
research interests: film and the body; phenomenology; Merleau-Ponty; philosophies of the body; new materialism; film aesthetics; inter-mediality; visual culture; baroque and neo-baroque studies; transculturation

Thomas Wartenberg | Mount Holyoke College
research interests: philosophy of film; film as philosophy

Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow | University of Sydney
research interests: phenomenology of film; history and philosophy of technology; weird realism; film as philosophy

Martin Wood | RMIT University
research interests: the Bergsonism of Deleuze’s cinema; research through cinematic means; the challenge of short film production to the prominence of the written textual economy

Ashley Woodward | University of Dundee
research interests: Lyotard and film, psychoanalysis, Deleuze, Rancière

Daniel Yacavone | University of Edinburgh
research interests: philosophy of film; history of film theory; film aesthetics; film and the philosophy of art (analytic and continental); phenomenological aesthetics; film and the philosophy of symbolization (Cassirer, Langer, Goodman, etc); self-reflexivity; world-making 

Magdalena Zolkos | University of Western Sydney
research interests: film and memory; cinematic representations of violence; psychoanalysis and film; gender and film

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